X360Pro V6 (Sixth Generation )



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X360Pro (Sixth Generation ) Features:
V6 for trinity is V4's Upgrade, you can play your xbox on live and RGH homebrew on one console, don't worry to be ban. It is a dual nand solution for RGH consoles, allowing one NAND to be used for online play, and a another NAND to be used for RGH and thus running of homebrew etc., so effectively the best of both worlds.
Main Features:
Dual nand, glitch chip, nand-x all in one board.Easy Switch Between Stock Onboard NAND and Custom NAND by External switchNo need to cut any tracks on the Xbox360 motherboardEasy QSB Solution (Quick Solder Board)Easy Wire Install Option Also Available(only 3 wires)Now only slim trinity VersionsOriginal Brand NAND to Match Stock For Security & CompatibilityBuilt-In USB, support nand-x firmware update and update XC2C64A by external JTAG interface. No open your console.NAND Read/Write Hardware, quickly dump nand (Other SPI Hardware Not Required)Compatible with Nandpro 2.0 and 3.0 softwareBoot time almost in 5~30 secondsPhat verion and corona are being testing….

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